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Cake N Joy Has 10+ years of experiencein offering Wide Range of Top Quality Cakes & Cup Cakes.
We are Proud to offer Products that are baked using only the best quality ingredients available and we make them exactly
the same way that we have been making them since we opened our doors for the first time.

We are Specialized in Custom wedding Cakes , occassion cakes , Kids Cakes and More.

Along with our talented and proficient staff, we are here to assist and welcome you to our shop.

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We are exactly what you are looking for. Yes, Welcome to CakeNJoy, We are an online Cake Shop delivering cakes in Ahmedabad. We ensure quality service & delivery through our strong network in Ahmedabad. We have custom cakes meant to complement almost any occasion.

Our website has over 1000 varieties of delicious cakes that you can gift to your loved ones on various occasions that too through our easy online delivery service. We ensure the highest levels of certainty and satisfaction through a deep-set commitment to our customers.

Whatever be the occasion, cakes can make it super-special. What is a better way there to spread happiness than gifting a cake?

While gifting cake is a great idea, it can go wrong if you’ve not chosen your confectioner with care. This is where CakeNJoy excels, through our prompt online delivery, we promise a freshly-baked cake guarantees taste and total satisfaction.

We currently deliver in Ahmedabad. We home deliver cakes and even go an extra mile to deliver them just when you want. You can order an online delivery of cake and we’ll have it delivered right at the time.

Baking is CakeNjoy's passion and work it wholeheartedly. CakeNJoy wants the cake to touch your heart as well as delight your palate. It's customers always walk away knowing that CakeNJoy has taken all their wants and made a dream come true cake. If you are looking for cakes that take your breath away, talk to us. Together let's make more fabulous creations come alive. If you are looking to create your own cakes, we do have options for you. Let's do something creative.

We realized a cake is a lot more than just an accessory for any occasion. A cake is all of these to us:
• A bond between a parent and a child. A being that will bring infinite joy to special occasions. A memory captured in time that one can relive for eons to come.
• A tribute to one’s love. A gesture to say how much he or she means. A sculpture in cream to cement together happiness.
• An understated message between friends when a face is painted with the colors of happiness.

A cake smash is all that is needed to say “You will be my friend forever ”There lie a hundred more occasions and emotions that a cake speaks for.Because cakes have taught us to celebrate, to care and to share.

We believe every cake from CakeNJoy is lighting up someone’s occasion and we will strive to ensure that every part of the process is cared for with the utmost attention. After all, we count our success with every smile delivered.
In India, where life is always energetic and refreshing, CakeNjoy has come up with the pervasive array of flavors that can add fun and sweetness to any occasion.

At CakeNJoy, you can find the palatable flavors ranging from the delicious cakes such as Mango Maharaja cake, Strawberry chocolate cake, Rich chocolate cake, white forest cake. There are Premium celebration cakes such as 2-tier cake, 3-tier cakes, and cake specially designed for kids like - Alphabet cake, Barbie doll cake, Mickey mouse shape cake.

We aim to deliver something extraordinary, something extra-alluring that will make you say “WOW”. With our online cake delivery, we desire to deliver some evidently mouth-watering treats at your doorstep to add the flavor of our passion and love to your happiness. We promise you an experience which will be loved forever and the taste that you will want to relish again.
Now, having an ambrosial cake on birthdays, anniversaries or weddings is completely a hassle-free task with CakeNJoy.

Earlier, you would have to go from one shop to another in search for a delectable cake to heighten the happiness of your special occasions. But now, with CakeNjoy’s online cake delivery, you can browse through a variety of best quality cakes and pick your favorite cake just sitting at your home.

After you have selected your favorite cake from our varieties, order the cake online in a few clicks and relax because CakeNjoy ensures freshly baked and 4 hours cake delivery. Yes, now gorge on your favorite delicacies and take your special occasions to new heights with CakeNjoy’s online cake delivery anywhere in Ahmedabad.

With our melt-in-mouth delicacies now you can also deliver your heartfelt wishes and affection to your loved ones on their special days. For instance, if you want to send a delicious cake to your lover on Valentine’s day, then it’s possible through our online cake delivery.

So, go ahead to celebrate your special occasions with finger-licking cakes from us.
We are offering a wide variety of cakes like egg-less cakes, drawing cakes, 3D cakes, photo cakes, Cake on time special cakes collections, Online Birthday cakes which will surely Wake Up Your Taste Buds. We made it sure that customer always gets mouthwatering quality cakes at very reasonable prices. Apart from that, services like 4 hours delivery, on-time delivery gives liberty to user choose a delivery date and time as per their convenience and our highly supportive staff make sure that you get what you urged.

Nothing pleases a crowd quite like baked goods. Whether you’re looking to overwhelm a loved one or planning for a party, or just want to give yourself a well-deserved delicacy, all of our cakes will bring a smile on your face.Find out our best in class creative designer cakes which they make in full isolation so that they can Vow you when taste it.

Quality is our top priority. All our cakes are prepared fresh after receiving your order. We bake with the finest ingredients and in our own state of the art kitchens.

A website that’s highly functional, seamless and pleasing to the eyes both on your laptop and mobile. Your cake is delivered fresh with our unique packaging and delivery mechanism in 4 hours.
Our Variety And Flavors Of Cakes To Make You Surrender Your Senses

CakeNjoy’s online cake delivery offers you a huge range of cakes baked with utmost perfection and the finest quality of ingredients. Cakes available in our bakery are always fresh, soft, moist, mushy and fluffy in texture.

We have flavorsome cakes to illuminate your every occasion. Be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Valentine's day, Mother's day or any other event, our cakes will never disappoint you. These hard-to-resist delicacies are available in a plethora of flavors like Red Velvet, Butterscotch, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Blueberry, Pineapple, Kiwi, Coffee, Mango, Ferrero Rocher, Kit-kat, Oreo and many more.

Since no one can say ‘No’ to chocolates, we have come up with a variety of chocolate cakes among which 'Double-Trouble', 'Alive by Chocolate' and Rocher Rejoice with just leave your mouth water.

If you are a fruit lover, then you must try our extremely delicious Red Velvet fruit cake enriched with fruits and adorned with whipped cream.

So, if there is a huge celebration waiting up next in your calendar, order a cake online from us and brighten up your celebration with our irresistible yummylicious treats.
Cake is not just a business but we love cake. It has brought smile on our faces. CakeNjoy’s passion is to serve people and bring sweet smile on their faces. Smile is everything for us. Baking is CakeNjoy's passion and works it wholeheartedly. CakeNJoy wants the cake to touch your heart as well as delight your palate.
CakeNJoy strives to make itself synonymous with Cake. The group endeavors to make every occasion beautiful and memorable by presenting the best of the CakeNjoy in the best of the ways to every discerning consumer, no matter where they are.

Here’s a promise- if you love cakes, you’ll love us!